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Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary

ffg6ITNHWhy we support a Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary

By Dan Haifley and Margaret (P.J.) Webb


Designating the waters of the central coast as a national marine sanctuary “offers integrated management, a means of resolving issues, and promotion of education and research,” and “results in specific protection for habitat and resources.” So said San Luis Obispo County in a proposal submitted to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in 1990.


That proposal included more than 500 pages of supplementary materials — and letters of  support from virtually every city in the county — demonstrating that the area met the standards set forth in the National Marine Sanctuaries Act for protection of nationally significant oceanographic, geological, biological and archaeological resources.


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Sanctuary Nomination

Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary

Nominator Name(s) and Affiliation(s) Fred Collins, Northern Chumash Tribal Council

Nomination Point of Contact Fred Collins, Northern Chumash Tribal Council, 67 South St., San Luis Obispo, CA 93401  (805) 801-0347

Section II – Introduction

The waters of the proposed Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary (CHNMS) lie between the Channel Island National Marine Sanctuary and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The unique coastline and ocean waters are the most beautiful in the world to the First Peoples and the communities that live along this ecologically rich, biologically diverse healthy coastline, and to many that come from all over the world to visit our coast. Continue reading